There are several ways to reach out to the LibVMI community. Please use the appropriate option below, based on your needs, rather than contacting one of the developers directly. This allows us to handle your inquiry more efficiently, while also allowing others to benefit from the information.

  • Mailing List: Given that the LibVMI community spans the globe, this is the best place for technical discussion. Please use this as a place to learn more about LibVMI, ask questions, and help others.

  • IRC: Many of the developers can be found on Freenode in the #libvmi channel. This is a great place for live discussions, simple questions, and collaborative development efforts.

  • Bug Reports: Any issues discovered with LibVMI should be reported through GitHub issues for the LibVMI project. Security issues can be reported to the core team directly through encrypted email using 3045D1E5.

Core Developers

Bryan Payne created LibVMI (in the beginning it was called XenAccess) in the Fall of 2005 as a graduate student at Georgia Tech. Since then he has continued work on LibVMI while using it for everything from academic research to production systems. When not working on LibVMI, Bryan leads the Platform Security team at Netflix.
Steven Maresca is lead engineer and security researcher at Zentific LLC. He builds flexible tools to manage virtual machines and reduce complexity in systems security. He possesses deep knowledge of OS and hypervisor internals, software development, systems design, and information security. A long-time Xen community member, Steven is always eager to share his experiences and foster collaboration with peers. Sponsored as part of the DARPA Cyber Fast Track program, he recently led a research effort to secure virtual machines.
Tamas K Lengyel (@tklengyel) works at Zentific LLC as Senior Security Engineer. Tamas acts as maintainer of several open source projects, including Xen, DRAKVUF and LibVMI. He received his PhD from the University of Connecticut.
Antony Saba is a research engineer at Endgame, where he applies his information security expertise to building advanced malware analysis tools.